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Why Hire Harmony Lab as Your Composer

At Harmony Lab Music, we know that you want to be a master storyteller, by producing film, art videos, or video games that blow people away.  In order to do that, you need music that produces the exact emotion you are looking for.

The problem is, it's hard to find a composer who will listen, hear, and produce what YOU are imagining, which makes you feel like you are fighting an uphill battle (hey, it can be hard working with musicians).


We believe in getting out of the way during composition, thus channeling the music that you truly desire. We understand that this is your project and you want it to be perfect, which is why we've made film and video game music composition our primary focus.

Here's how to get started with Harmony Lab Music:

  1. Fill out the below form to submit your project to our team. We'll make sure we're the perfect composer to make your film or video sing!

  2. Receive a proposal with clear instructions on how we'll collaborate to make your dream soundtrack a reality.

  3. Hear your story come alive with the sound, feel, and emotion that drives your message home.


So, fill out the application now. 

We know it's difficult to get a composer to understand exactly what you want for your film or video game. We take the time to understand your work. When your soundtrack is created by Harmony Lab Music, it will sound as if it was pulled right out of your brain. We get out of the way, so your vision can come to life.

Meet Your Composer: John Krikawa

John Krikawa is an American musician and composer. As early as 1989, he composed for video art and documentaries.  His work often evokes strong visual elements and he strives to push and pull on ideas in order to support the overlying on-screen material.  When not working on media productions, he continues to work on his electronic music, Parityflux, as well as collaborations with industry colleagues.


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